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Energy Tapping or EFT has been around since the mid 90’s. Developed in the States, this simple method has changed the lives of thousands

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From Sport performances, to learning difficulties, tapping has a wide range of uses. Stress, anxieties and fears can be eliminated easily and efficiently with tapping

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Tapping can be described as a combination of Psychology and Acupuncture except no needles are used. It is a combination of East meets West in a simple, but unusual way

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The Tapping rooms are found on the West side of Johannesburg in a beautiful wellness centre. The architect- designed building weaves its way around trees and curved shaped staircase and walls.

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Online consults

Due to the nature of Tapping, consultations can be done easily online or on the telephone. This helps you utilise your time better, and can be slotted into your schedule without too much planning. Tapping15 is designed to be online consults, as a means of being fast and frequent. Sessions are also recorded then shared with you so you can continue to tap should you need to.





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Meet Cathie

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Cathie van Rooyen

BA (Psych) MsC (Sedona)


I have studied many modalities throughout the years in the search for better, quicker and more effective treatments for people. I always come back to Tapping because it combines both the mental and physical. It is in looking at our dark side that we can uncover our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Beliefs can hold us back, keep us small and keep us from being the best version of ourselves. Tapping created a means for many people to heal from the inside.

It is quick and easy to use, extremely effective and the results are long lasting, if not permanent. Our body is an amazing instrument and it is comforting to know that we have a very useful tool at the end of our fingertips!